Halal & Haram

I assume the “Latest Arrivals” section of Zalora.sg is populated by a simple feed of all the new additions to its various product categories, based purely on time of addition to their various brand pages. Here’s the amusing juxtaposition that greeted me in that section a few days ago.

Page with mix of bikinis and modest clothing

Bizarre Must Awesome Want

For the hell of it, an old friend and I made a pilgrimage to This Fashion, an extremely cheap chain of clothing stores in Singapore where we used to shop ten years ago. I was hugely amused by this T-shirt but managed to talk myself out of actually buying it. Picked up a cute LBD though!



We found this a couple of weeks ago on our second visit to the Bukit Timah Salvation Army store and just couldn’t leave without it. I believe in home decor speak he could be described as a conversation piece, you know, like a Philippe Starck product or an ornate family heirloom.


Is it just me or is the logo of Singapore’s National Family Council rather…instructive?

My Cream Guy

Boys, if you rushed out and bought the Sex Appeal cologne I wrote about recently but haven’t achieved the desired results yet, maybe you need to add this to your arsenal.

(Spotted at a cheapo toiletries store in Marine Parade.)


Tired out from all the Chinese New Year socializing we’d had to do, Alec and I decided to spend Monday just relaxing together. In hindsight, going to Little India and Mustafa Centre on a public holiday was probably not the best way to achieve relaxation and tranquility, but we had a great time.

Alec was happy because he managed to score enough cheap razor blades to last him longer than his testosterone’s actual lifespan. I was happy because I got some Nando’s sauce for $2.90, and pictures of the following wonderful products:


At first glance you might think this box contains beauty supplies of some sort – stockings, tacky makeup or the like.

But you’d be wrong.


Not quite Granny Smiths.

I like the subtle dig at Maybelline in this next product’s packaging. Plus, of course, the total WTFOMGness of the text.

Are you colognesome tonight?

(Previous Mustafa product joy captured here.)

Things You Can Get In Joo Chiat

In a red light district in some other country I’d know this pun was totally intentional, but in Singapore’s Joo Chiat I’m not too sure.

I snapped this last week while waiting for my food in Tasty Penang, a restaurant across the road which had such laughably incompetent service (but to be fair, pretty damn good Penang char kuay teow and I don’t even like char kuay teow usually) that all the customers in the restaurant bonded through their shared frustration. In somewhere like Singapore where almost no one makes conversation with strangers, it was an amusing change to see people winking and laughing with the people at other tables as they asked, for the umpteenth time, where their laksa was.

We were back in the same area a few nights ago for sweet potato leaves and steamed fish with sng buey sauce at Lau Hock Guan Kee Bak Kut Teh. We’ll be going back soon for its assam fish head curry, rated “die die must try” by Makansutra.

Man, I love Joo Chiat.

Handy Hint

While idly thumbing through a colleague’s copy of last week’s 8 Days one lunchtime, I stopped to read a feature on the tendency of teen gameshow contestants to do dumb hand signs in their mugshots. (Think East 17 publicity shots when they first started out, except with doe-eyed smiles.) I was rather perturbed by the headline.

Whatever Froats Your Boat

Dom sent me the photo of the Waraku menu she took when we were there last week, and I think it’s worth sharing.

A selection of froats
Next time I’ll try Calpis.