Tired out from all the Chinese New Year socializing we’d had to do, Alec and I decided to spend Monday just relaxing together. In hindsight, going to Little India and Mustafa Centre on a public holiday was probably not the best way to achieve relaxation and tranquility, but we had a great time.

Alec was happy because he managed to score enough cheap razor blades to last him longer than his testosterone’s actual lifespan. I was happy because I got some Nando’s sauce for $2.90, and pictures of the following wonderful products:


At first glance you might think this box contains beauty supplies of some sort – stockings, tacky makeup or the like.

But you’d be wrong.


Not quite Granny Smiths.

I like the subtle dig at Maybelline in this next product’s packaging. Plus, of course, the total WTFOMGness of the text.

Are you colognesome tonight?

(Previous Mustafa product joy captured here.)


  1. Don: Um, I think that’s a different Joe. I know you have no way of telling from just viewing the comments though.

    Notchy: YES!! Nando’s sauce for $2.90!!! They have the hot, extra-hot, garlic and wild herb sauces. Now I don’t have to agonize between Nando’s and Jalan Alor every time I’m in KL. :)

  2. AWESOME. shall tell the Boyf about this. in our future flat shall devote entire cupboard shelf to the whole Nando’s range of sauces.

    hang on, are these sauces authentic, or made by franchisees in some South/East/Southeast Asian backwater village?

  3. Happy Chinese New Year Michelle. Did you get my text message?

    I need some of ’em Jovan cologne. You know I gots ta get mine.

  4. Benny: My phone wasn’t able to display the text message for some reason. It described it as “8 bit data” and that was it. But happy Chinese New Year!

  5. Good news notchy, the bottle says “Made In South Africa” and “Imported By EU”! So essentially it’s the same stuff you could buy in England, only it’s $2.90 and in Mustafa’s. :) :) :)

    Aw thanks t, I’m glad you like them. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit this but I do actually take quite a bit of time to think the captions up. Sometimes I just can’t think of a good one so I collapse onto my bed in frustration. And then the next thing I know it’s 7 am, I’ve slept the entire night with the lights on, and it’s time to go to work. Man I’m such a party person.

  6. please tell me “jovan” is pronounced as “ho-ven”
    but i think i’ll stick to the hogu boos at my favourite bedok lelong shop.

  7. Dominique: I’m Boing Boing’s bitch, so I saw that already but I’m truly touched that you saw a box of bizarrely packaged condoms alluding to 60s black militancy and thought of me. :)

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