Handy Hint

While idly thumbing through a colleague’s copy of last week’s 8 Days one lunchtime, I stopped to read a feature on the tendency of teen gameshow contestants to do dumb hand signs in their mugshots. (Think East 17 publicity shots when they first started out, except with doe-eyed smiles.) I was rather perturbed by the headline.


  1. HAHAHAHA…what the hell??? Do you think they actually put this up on purpose or they didn’t even realise it at all?

  2. Pei Ee: I have no idea! I mean, magazines and newspapers here are full of words and phrases that writers use without actually understanding (in their attempts to write stylishly, which inevitably fall flat) but I find it hard to believe something like this could slip through unless it was intentional.

  3. Here’s another one:

    “In the midst of the national madness over Hello Kitty some years ago, the CEO of [a] government-linked company came up with the idea that they would market a similar object of mass hysteria. He proposed the name “Hello Pussy”.

    For a while, everyone in the organisation agreed it was a wonderful idea. Emails went back and forth padding up the proposal, until one day, another senior executive privately told the CEO that “Hello Pussy” is a very bad name.”

    Off yawningbread.org – http://yawningbread.org/arch_2005/yax-526.htm and scroll down to the little box on the bottom right.

  4. What’s even funnier is that the guy who did it is an ex-Life! journalist who I will always remember for his godawful turn in the Straight Talk (or whatever the hell it was called last time) column about how a guy flashed him in the shower room at the public pool, at which his balls froze and he ran the heck out of there without even stopping to take his own bag out of the locker. If I’m not mistaken he used to do the music bits for the paper too…god.

  5. Jol: Joke, right? Please tell me that was made up, and a joke? It sounds like something Talking Cock would come up with.

    Enid Coleslaw: I guess the guy in the shower room must have been acting too, uh, cute for him! What a spastic sounding article though. Running out like a wuss probably made the flasher’s day.

  6. Well, it’s on the Yawningbread website as an example of Singaporean cluelessness rather than a joke, but since it’s essentially anecdotal I suppose it may well have been made up. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it’s true though…

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