Hello, I’m Michelle. I was born in 1980, and am a lawyer in Singapore. I could launch into a lengthy manifesto of self, but what I wrote for that Facebook “25 things” meme would probably give you a fairly decent (albeit randomized) idea of whether I’m the sort of person whose blog you want to be reading or not.

This blog:

The first incarnation of this blog was started in November 2000 and called “ineffable”, partly after a Sonic Youth song and partly because I was being lame and precious. It captured the life I led as a law student in London, and got linked to by Dooce before she got famous.

When I finished university and moved back to Singapore I used this as an opportunity to change the blog’s name to something that didn’t make me want to bitchslap myself. “syntaxfree” is from the same Sonic Youth song. I like the continuity, and feel it still appropriately conveys this blog’s freeform shambles.

Organizing over a decade’s worth of content (much of which was never written with categories or tags in mind) into something easily browsable by today’s blogging standards is not something I have gotten to grips with yet, but my Favourite Posts are a handy shortcut to some of the stuff I’m happy with, and you can check out the Archives for lists of some of the material that’s been especially popular. If you like what you see and would like to keep in touch with what happens here, you can subscribe in a reader, get email updates, or follow @syntaxfreeblog on Twitter.

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