My Cream Guy

Boys, if you rushed out and bought the Sex Appeal cologne I wrote about recently but haven’t achieved the desired results yet, maybe you need to add this to your arsenal.

(Spotted at a cheapo toiletries store in Marine Parade.)


  1. Don’t believe what you read on this site! Placing my trust in Michelle’s recommendations, I went and got myself a bottle of that Sex Appeal cologne. Did it work? Hell no, I tells ya! If it did girls would stop slapping me when I grab their asses.

    I used to believe everything I read on the web. Not anymore. No thanks to you, Michelle.

  2. Hey Michelle, great seeing you today. I think my favourite thing about the cream shower ad is the vast amount of chin on the left purple smiley.

  3. “… but haven’t achieved the desired results yet, maybe you need to add this to your arsenal”

    “… but haven’t achieved the desired results yet, maybe you need to add this to your arse”

    Okay, sorry I got a little side-tracked. Michelle, I swear, i’ve done this before- Come poking around your website for an email address, and not being able to find one, then suffering some abuse from you for being a muppet.

    Does the one still work? Or have you joined the cool kids at gmail?

    Pease reply to me, or I will feel sad and very unloved, (and possibly very stupid)…

    And I don’t really like feeling that way… :-(

    Much love!

  4. Hi shoopy, you can still write me at the yahoo UK address. Don’t worry, I still love you even when you’re very stupid. :)

  5. Michelle and I are visiting Vietnam starting tomorrow and I don’t want to spend any part of our holiday in a fly infested internet cafe.
    So for God’s sake,
    michelllleeee … updaaaaatteeeee….next weeeeeek.

  6. I’ll always have fond memories of the time I went to see that play with Alec in Dublin. His friend was drunk and fell asleep. Started snoring really loudly.

    Guys up on stage were like

    “What’s that?”


    “Nothing, just silence. I thought it was Godot” etc.

  7. HOw rude if i was there i would have turned around and given him a piece of my mind

  8. Someone did. He had his hands crossed across his chest. Woman in front of us reached back and started shaking his arms pretty violently. He sort of half woke up, muttered an appology and fell back asleep 20 seconds later. It was hilarious.

  9. the only thing that could make that worse would be if he was in the front few rows of seats, then he’d really be annoying everyone in the whole theatre

  10. Ah that was me it’s nice to be remembered Thanks James- I should point out that it’s really not a very exciting play – added to a long day – What can I say?

    Nothing happened so I feel asleep.

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