If You’re Smitten, Adopt A Kitten!

Seriously, people, we need to find them homes. I’m gonna pimp them a bit more right now, and if you think you know anyone who might be interested in gaining karma, increasing the cuteness levels of their daily existence and falling deeply in love, please direct them to this post!


You might have noticed from the pictures in the previous kitten post that two of them are pirate kitties. So after naming them Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, my mother and sister went on to name the remaining two Smee and Blackbeard, but after some genital scrutiny it was concluded that Blackbeard ought to be renamed Tigerlily.


This is Smee. I think he’s the second cutest after Tigerlily, but don’t tell the kittens I’ve been ranking them like this in case it’s damaging for their self-esteem.


Davy Jones is perhaps a little less photogenic than his siblings, but he’s just as happy and healthy and I think his centre parting is quite sweet, like an old man with Brylcreamed hair. Or Hitler.


Jack Sparrow is so hyperactive that none of his portraits came out well, so I had to settle for some action shots instead. Here he is trying to climb the cardboard fencing we initially used to keep them enclosed, while Smee snoozes on the left.


And here he is inspecting a flowerpot for clamberability. Tigerlily looks as if she’s playing with a dead palm frond, but she was actually falling asleep in that “head droop… head droop… I’M AWAKE I’M AWAKE! …actually, no I’m not…zzz” way.


Lastly, here they all are with their long-suffering mom. You can even see Smee’s little paw kneading her belly.


If you’re interested, please contact me! “name of this blog” at gmail!


  1. Can you send them long distance? Even then I’m not sure how I’d feel about eating kittens with such a high carbon footprint.

  2. YARGH! I’d honestly bring home one of them if I were in Singapore….*sigh*….my crazy cat lady instincts calling out at them…I hope they find a great crazy cat lover home…

  3. not kitty-related, i searched for “baybeats” on google and your blog was listed on the front page, but google also labelled it with: “This site may harm your computer” and that it’s possibly malware infected. thought you might wanna know.

  4. I want one! The one with the odd-looking face! Can you take cats between S’pore and Aus? As hand luggage? Please stow all cats in the cat compartments above your seat?

  5. Matt: With airport security being what it is these days, they might make you go through quite an intensive CAT scan…

    But seriously – I’d assume somewhere like Australia will have extremely tough quarantine laws, so I don’t know if it would be worth the trouble especially since I’m sure animal shelters in Australia could yield you an equally odd-faced cat.

  6. adorable cat photos. i have two cats and they were impossible to photograph as kittens (unless they were sleeping or about to sleep!)

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