Fuzzballs Seeking Good Homes

My family generally tries to sterilise all the strays we can get our hands on, but Mother Cat (we call her MC for short) was heavily pregnant when she first appeared, so there wasn’t much we could do. After she’d given birth she came to our driveway to get fed, but the kittens were nowhere to be seen. Until Tuesday, when in the process of watering the plants my mum spotted a ball of fur which turned out to be a soaked kitten. Careful inspection under the plants revealed four more soaked kittens.

My mum dried them off (after first trapping a stressed-out MC) and created a little den for them and MC in the corner of the garden, where they’ve been happily snuggled ever since. Four kittens seem healthy, but there was a rat-sized runt who was shunned by the rest, including its mother. It died yesterday.

As adorable as these darlings are, we can’t keep them. If they keep living in our driveway they risk getting killed on the road outside (where we’ve lost 2 cats already) or wandering into neighbouring houses and getting savaged by dogs. We can’t bring them into our house because we already have three housecats and more would really be pushing it. If you’re interested, or know somebody who might be, post a comment and I’ll contact you with further details!


  1. that is EXACTLY what happened with my MC. i found 3 hairless mewling things in a watering can on my driveway. whats up with stray cats and gardening implements yo

  2. oh my god, the black one with blue eyes is gorgeous!! sigh. i really wish i could take one of them in, but sadly my housemate is cat-phobic.

  3. They’re adorable!

    …I’d offer, but after my various past (disatrous) attempts at pet-raising, I think I’ll give this a pass.

    P.S. (due to my long absence from commenting on your blog, I don’t think I’ve had the chance to congratulate you on the wedding, although I think I did that for the engagement…so yes congrats!)

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