1. Well there is stiff competition in this area. I came across this condo opposite RI/ RJC and guess what it’s called? Rafflesia.

    Now as much as I like my former school I’ve never been comfortable with its being a brand name. I hate telling my friends that it’s “my” school, and being corrected: no no no, it’s not “your” school. It’s “that” school.

  2. This one’s funny…at least it’s posh. Must say I find the ones which go in the faux French direction far more annoying. A new one coming up on Cambridge Road is called D’Cambridge. So much for Anglo-French rivalry!

  3. “D’Cambridge” – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… that’s just too good.

    I like the fact that not content with the stupidity of the name, they have to emphasise their own ridiculouness with the tagline: “The modern Eden.”

  4. Yeah but what are they thinking …

    “foreigners elligible” ???

    there goes that neighbourhood!!

  5. Yeah, but if they put up “eligible foreigners” that tends to lend some pinkerton chic to the place.

    (with all due respect to present company, of course)

  6. someone should come up with a Singapore Condo Name Generator.

    some variables:
    – Mansion
    – Place
    – etc etc etc…

  7. i did a double take when i saw this one called shaugnessy coming up near my place… for some reason i saw it as ‘shag-nessy’…

    i’m just a random surfer, but it’s scary how we seem to be rather similar cos i am female, read law in london too (LSE, just starting to serve out my 6 year bond as well) and we share the same surname :) doing my stupid plc right now with the exams looming!

  8. Tessa – I’ve got the javascript if you’ve got the prefixes (there’s a proposition). See the top of the page on the link from ‘Matt’.

  9. Adding onto the ridiculous names list, I came across a condo place which wanted to be hip and funky — “Homez”.

  10. Tessa: No, that’s because no-one has given me any prefixes yet… I’ve got the endings, but not having lived in Singapore, I have no idea what sort of awful beginnings they come up with for these things…. But the link leads to a simlar random text generator with ideas for policies for british political parties, so it’s a demonstration of what you can do with simple Javascript. I’ll email you a load of code if you like.

  11. All these direct chinese translations.

    Yeah, “Villa” does come up an awful lot, as well as “Grove”, and various other woodsy-like terms. Does anyone else think they’re trying awfully hard to compensate for -something- we -don’t- have? ;)

  12. Michelle: I wouldn’t want to be too suave on your blog, I don’t want to exploit our friendship. Plus I felt I’d already crossed a suave line with “I’ve got the javascript if you’ve got the prefixes”.

  13. Eh? Dude, I got better things to do than follow Singapore blogging community gossip. You Malaysians are boh liao!

  14. i agree, let’s leave out the leery gossip. those saddos who frequent and support that site just need to go out and get laid, for god’s sake.

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