Was great, by the way.

Sibu at sunset

Wish I had time to write more about our weekend in Sibu, Alec’s adventures in Singapore, MY NEW IPOD MY NEW IPOD MY NEW IPOD THANK YOU ALEC, the joy that was White Chicks, and our plans for next week. But I don’t, unfortunately.

(So happy.)


  1. I thought White Chicks was soooo funny, but unfortunately, when some guy from AG Chambers asked me what my latest movie was at edu-dine, he just threw out my moview review on White Chicks. He said he would “never go watch such a slapstick movie” and that it was just “so not funny that we are now watching trans-sexuals to get enjoyment today”. Now, I am wondering, am I gonna fit in this legal world?!

  2. Haven’t seen White Chicks, though the trailers were pretty hilarious… Just side-tracking – been to your UCL site and couldn’t understand how anyone could love Dalene Mathee’s “Fiela’s Child”… the mere mentioning of the book’s title made me puke (but then again, such thoughts might have been fuelled by an over-prescription by my English Literature teacher in secondary school). Was wondering if the year 1980 hold any special place in your heart??? The “Sibu @ sunset” photo was well-taken (quite a pro, aren’t you?)…

  3. I wanna go. A duh question: is this Sibu Island resort off Johor? Or Sibu in Sarawak? Am thinking of going somewhere. Have 5 days off over the Deepavali/Hari Raya holidays. Any suggestions? Did you get a travel agent?

  4. Fiela’s Child is a book which touches hearts. I have read it and would rate it 8 out of 10 at least. It has themes of love and (conflict of) race, and how it merges into one clear picture.

  5. I sounded like a cold-blooded creature, didn’t I? Unfortunately, the ratings of that book plunged from 10 out of 10 into the negative when I had to study it (again and again: ~ again to the power of 100++) for my Literature exams some ten years back… still haven’t recovered from the Anti-“Fiela’s Child” syndrome…

  6. Geez, cheers Benny. I wrote you an email two months ago asking for advice on mp3 players and you never bothered to reply. I’d have appreciated your criticism more highly a few weeks ago.

    Look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Even though I’ll spend most the evening slowly sipping coca-cola while Michelle and you rabbit on about obscure bands.

  7. Wait a minute – you wrote me an e-mail? I never got it! Serious!

    But nah, the iPod ain’t that bad. I have one myself.

    Although I no longer use it.

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