Evil Twins

Back home after lindy-hopping, we were watching the tape of Singapore Idol which my father recorded for me. Douglas Oliveiro was giving his comments on someone.

My mum: That’s Douglas O, he’s a local rock singer.
Alec: He looks like Colonel Gaddafi.

After a short WTF??!! silence from the rest of us, we realized how right he actually was.

(Off to Sibu tomorrow. Back on Sunday. So happy.)


  1. Michelle,

    The Taoiseach (irish prime minister) is currently in Singapore, can you resolve a long running dispute and prove categorically that Alec is the Irish Premier (i’v never seen the two of them in the same room and i think it must be more then a coincidence that their travel plans are so similar)

  2. Brian, I came to Dublin for four days and I saw them in the same room. In fact, I can categorically say that Alec is not the Prime Minister, the Cardinal or any of the bishops in Ireland. And if I saw them in the same room in four days over there, they must be hanging out together all the time. Alec must see the Teashack more often than the Tornishtar does.

  3. I am not the Taoiseach. I may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, the Taoiseach, but I am not a porn star.

  4. Yes, the quote is stolen from the words of Grampa Simpson. Sarcasm is the only form of humour that is lazier than Simpson’s quotes. Sorry.

  5. yeah but to learn to love the simpsons, is the beginning of a life long affair (with satelite TV)

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