How Now Unibrow

I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time today, and I think I’ll never go back to plucking. For $5, I no longer have to squint into my bathroom mirror with tears of pain running down my face as I brandish small sharp tweezers dangerously near the windows to my soul.

Instead, I get to lie prone pulling my eyebrow skin taut with my fingers as a beautician rips entire lines of my eyebrow hairs out at a go. Then she mops my tears of pain up with tissue.

It’s a total upgrade.


  1. 5 months is a hell of a long time. I’m pretty excited over here in Ireland. When I should be studying I’m sometimes making little plans for getting my hair cut, what I’m going to wear, what I’m going to say. The love is in the detail.

    So its nice to be sharing these experiences of female hair removal . But perhaps the line should be drawn here – to preserve the mystery of the female toilette. For the sake of us guys, knowwhatimean?

  2. OUCH! Where did you get it done? By the way, I have reached my quota of shoes for the Year 2004! I have walked into many show shops saying, WOW! COOL SHOES. But qualifying it with, “I don’t need them. I CAN’T GET THEM!”

  3. A place in Peninsula Plaza, recommended by Ming’s friend. Can show you where if you’re interested. BTW, the Bata store I was text messaging you about is right downstairs…

  4. Do you want to take a look at Colin’s Dad’s shop to see if they make suits that suit me (pun not intended)? Maybe I would reconsider the brows. As for shoes… I have a change of image and have decided that I have too many open-toed ones. I am going to start a whole new collection on closed-toes shoes! haha! Good reason to start buying shoes!! Work purposes. : )

  5. Mich, directions please… I’m assuming they have a good eye and don’t leave you with grotesquely over-plucked eyebrows?

    I need a tidy-up and I haven’t time to do it here before I fly back on Saturday…


  6. Nat, third floor of Peninsula Plaza. It’s called Reflexions. You may have to walk round the whole third floor including the inner corridors to find it though, because I can’t remember the exact shop number and the directory info board on the ground floor is outdated. You can try asking at the information counter though – I was directed to the right place by a nice security auntie.

    If you happen to be going there on a weekday around 1 pm or soon after, we could even meet for lunch! I’m often attending lectures nearby until 1 pm.

  7. Maybe I should meet you first so I can inspect your eyebrows… ;)

    I can certainly arrange to be there around lunchtime – what day next week is good for you?



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