With Fans Like This Who Needs Critics?

Selected quotes from a great thread at I Love Music: “Honestly criticize your favourite bands/artists”

  • Neil Young thinks the answer to everything is dippy environmentalism. Save the planet. Be the rain. Preserve natural beauty, oh Mother Earth.
  • Kool Keith has never been able to repeat anything as brilliant as Dr. Octagon because he’s become obsessed with booty (In reply to this, someone posted “And I suppose that’s a criticism?”)
  • Cezanne snored.
  • hey scott walker! sometimes, when you make music, its fun to release it!
  • Aesop Rock often has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about
  • there are no good jay-z albums.
  • Xiu Xiu — … nah, too easy.
  • Tom Waits should play more gigs. Who is he, the queen of Sheba?
  • Ohh, and in a lot of Bob Dylan songs, it sounds like he goes “Oh yeah, I’m Bob Dylan!” and then plays some harmonica.
  • Iggy Pop should wear at least one layer of upper body clothing at all times.
  • prince: sometimes funk is NOT its own reward.
  • The thematic range of Trina’s lyrics is a lot narrower than her butt.
  • R. Kelly is probably guilty.

[My contribution: “Kim Gordon sounds like when a homeless person comes onto public transport rambling to herself, and everyone else averts their eyes and hopes she doesn’t sit down next to them.” And then I put Sonic Nurse on and within the first 10 seconds of Pattern Recognition (track 1) I was sorry for what I’d said.]

[I have been meaning to get off my lazy music-writing arse and GO WILD about Sonic Nurse here for a very long time now, but every time I put the album on and try to write about it as I listen, its awesomeness takes over and qij;onvau su/ojcfaeuo aow93nksn;ru…]

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  1. oasis, quit acting like 10 year old boys. but thanks for making the unibrow sexy. (i’m avoiding the whole music thing)

    blue oyster cult: more cowbell!!!!

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