As If Ke Xi Chuan Didn’t Sound Dumb Enough

Get A Chinese Name is a fun thirty-second diversion from my more demanding task of WeBoggle. I provided the required information, chose “Mind and Intelligence” as the “desired essence” I wanted my Chinese name to embody, and apparently my Chinese name is:


(For those of you who don’t read Chinese, that’s Kong Meng Shou, which not only sounds extremely unfeminine, but also just sounds…bizarre and mismatched. Like naming your kid Engelberta Moesha Gutierrez.)


  1. uh.. they gave me the character ‘hui’!!! the hui that is reserved for girls’ names!!!

    and what is the second word in your (fake) name?

    i’m gonna get me a kickass oriental tattoo.

  2. I got Shi(-honest-) Ern (-Grace-) Su (-unblemished-)

    Which means my parents did a good job naming me Ern in the first place. Cool.

  3. Huang Ming Tian, apparently. The subtleties and nuances of this naturally escape me, and in my naivety, I just think it would look cooler tattoed on my arm than ‘Matt’. I’d love to hear why it’s rubbish though, I do have some interest in educating myself about other cultures.


  4. Matt: Without seeing the actual characters, I can’t say anything about meaning, but in terms of how it sounds, it’s actually quite nice. Still slightly weird, in the sense that it still doesn’t sound like a name a real person would have, but trips well off the tongue.

  5. oh i say, i must remember to thank you for that WEBoggle link!! now i have another reason to stay online for insane periods of time… :P

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