Happiness Is A Warm Kitten

I know this second lapse into cat pictures will substantially harm whatever chances I ever have of cutting-edge indie cool cyberbabeness, but really, cutting-edge indie cool cyberbabeness doesn’t seem very important at all when you have a warm kitten fast asleep on your lap.

After 10 years on the Internet I am finally the stereotypical Web nerd whose site contains pictures of my cat. Oh happy day. :)


  1. Most people are under the impression that people own cats whereas the truth is that cats own you!

    I think you have a beautiful and clever cat that has taken ownership of you.

    (I wish I could have a cat…)

  2. Aah!! I ruined my chance for a good pun! So I’m gonna post again.

    “I think you’ll be needing a new ‘cat’-egory soon in your blog.”

    Haha! I’m so clever.

  3. Oh, and to answer Pharaon, the kitten’s working name for now is Casey. Not the best name in the world, but chosen because:

    – we found it on the road near Katong Convent (primary), and pretty much every girl in our immediate and extended family is a proud KC girl.

    – we haven’t actually been able to figure out for certain whether it’s male or female yet (kitty genitalia is REALLY SMALL okay, stop laughing!), so a name like Casey is appropriately androgynous.

  4. Um. UCL still have your page stored and accessible from te link on your homepage. Completely unrelated to cats of course, but curious nonetheless.

  5. If you’re feeling really generous about adopting stray cats there is a really cute family of like 8 black kittens living in that small patch of green outside the old republic theatre down near Marine Parade NTUC. The aunties feed them, but I wonder about whether they are going to end up living out their entire lives in a ten foot circle of foliage. That would be odd.

  6. Laces: It’s a good thing my mum doesn’t read my blog, or else she might just go investigating that spot the next time she does her grocery shopping (at that very NTUC). This one kitten already has us all trained to perfection. Eight more tiny dictators, would be a bit too much.

    The kitten’s working name has recently been lengthened to Casey Underfoot by my LOTR fangirl mum. Slightly pretentious, maybe? What’s yours called?

  7. Hey Michelle,

    This comment is totally off-topic, but with reason because you’ve turned off commenting on an old post that I want to comment on. With that said…

    You passed your driving test! CONGRATULATIONS!!! *Huggy Bear hug*

    I only just stumbled across your entry about you passing because I clicked on the link in your sidebar about Michelle news. Good thing I did too.

    You got eight minor faults? I got three. What were yours on?

    E-mail me when you can. I still haven’t received your post cards! : (


  8. Mine’s called Schopenhauer. You ain’t even close in the pretension league…

    I figured you probably lived around Katong cos of the reference to “Nabeya” restaurant (East Coast road, right?).

  9. Russ: The postcards are in the mail, so expect them soon. And, like, how long did you take to read about my driving test and congratulate me? I was beginning to think you didn’t love me any more! Oh, and 8 points doesn’t equal 8 minor faults, it’s more like 3 or 4 minor faults (can’t remember how many exactly) which carry 2 or 3 points each. Basically, in Singapore, passing the first time with 8 points is pretty damn good. :)

    Laces: Okay, you win. Does Schopenhauer come when he’s called? And yes, that’s the restaurant I went to. I don’t recommend it.

  10. He answers to “schopie”. But actually, unlike his namesake, he really likes people so doesn’t have to be called. The trick is getting him to go away.

    The Wakamatsu (sp?) place at Katong Village opposite Nabeya is really good – I recommend that one…

  11. (I deleted the spammer comments, but while they were still there, Benny’s comment did make sense!)

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