My ears are ringing, I feel generally rather dazed, and am pretty damn stressed out about the realization that I not only have to get my law work in order but also have to prepare for the World Universities Debating Championships later this month, as well as start organizing our UCL IV for next year.

Last night was the UCL Boat Club’s annual black-tie dinner thingy. This being a jock thing :P I would obviously never dream of attending it under normal circumstances, but Russ (who won his first rowing medal on Saturday!) wanted the company. Despite not knowing anyone else there except him, the brussel sprouts battle and general drunken antics were all ample sources of amusement for me, so it was reasonably enjoyable. The trip to Hombres after that was hell on my feet (damn those pretty shoes) but, I suppose, worthwhile just for being able to say that I have now been to this legendarily cheesy club. As I said, my ears are still ringing from the experience.

We came back around 3, had another of our marathon conversations, got about three hours of sleep and woke up just in time for me to sneak him into breakfast. After that he went off for his lecture at 10, and I generally wasted a great deal of time until I had to meet Nick at 3 to get our debating asses in gear. Between now and the Worlds, we have to acquire enough knowledge between us to be able to debate based on actual information instead of the random suppositions we currently pull out of various orifices and wave about in front of judges. We also have to start work on organizing the UCL IV for January next year, and make sure we do a much better job than our predecessors.

I now sit here in considerable shock at the various tasks and responsibilities ahead of me, and the fact that I’ve wasted all of today. I’ll probably go back to my room now and try and get some work done, then make some sort of dinner with the meagre provisions I have, and eat it during the X-Files. Then work work work. I hope.