Far funnier jokes about IKEA product names have been made by people far funnier than me, but what the hell. Surfing the IKEA website in search of a frame which would fit the fantastic poster Russ brought me from London, I was very impressed by the following products:

  • KOLON floor protector “protects flooring and flat-woven rugs against wear and dirt.” Cost: $69.
  • KONJUGAT curtain rod is made of powder-coated steel, “can be extended with enclosed connector”, and “cut to desired length with a hacksaw.”
  • Finally, VÄGIS key cabinet. Consists of 3 compartments for mobile phone, small items, “etc”.

I didn’t find what I was looking for though, boo. Does anyone know where in Singapore I can find an affordably priced frame big enough for a 85 cm by 120 cm poster?