Far funnier jokes about IKEA product names have been made by people far funnier than me, but what the hell. Surfing the IKEA website in search of a frame which would fit the fantastic poster Russ brought me from London, I was very impressed by the following products:

  • KOLON floor protector “protects flooring and flat-woven rugs against wear and dirt.” Cost: $69.
  • KONJUGAT curtain rod is made of powder-coated steel, “can be extended with enclosed connector”, and “cut to desired length with a hacksaw.”
  • Finally, VÄGIS key cabinet. Consists of 3 compartments for mobile phone, small items, “etc”.

I didn’t find what I was looking for though, boo. Does anyone know where in Singapore I can find an affordably priced frame big enough for a 85 cm by 120 cm poster?


  1. Eboy stuff is great. They put [url=]this guys[/url] stuff in Edge Magazine fairly often too. I love pixel art.

  2. Go to one of the little framing shops on East Coast road. They’re pretty cheap and have a wide selection of frames…

  3. Perhaps IKEA itself? Though the largest frames I see on the site are 70cm by 100cm.

  4. Whoops! I didn’t read your post carefully! I got distracted after following the link. Ahem.

  5. Who needs frames? What about Lawyers Without Borders? Friend of mine put his Dimebag Darrell pic in a frameless “frame”. One sheet of cut glass, four plastic clips, one excessively long piece of plastic twine, all conveniently packaged together for about $10.00 US.

  6. Gosh, when I started this blog back in 2000, I never expected it would get me DIY tips from Pantera fans (or friends of Pantera fans, to be more accurate). So thanks for that, Je Suis Saves. I’ll look into the possibility. :)

  7. There’s a frame shop just below my office and I could get the lady to do it for a good rate if you wanted to. Let me know ok? And we need to do our Wed lunches again soon!

    Call me!

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