Please Read This If You Subscribe To Updates

If you subscribe to updates from this blog through a reader (like Google Reader) or email, it’s possible that I may encounter some serious problems in getting those updates to you in the near future. Essentially, Google appears to be extremely meh about Feedburner (the service I use to get those updates to you) and may soon be shutting it down for good.

Although I spent a long time trying to figure out something that would let me transfer your subscriptions without you having to lift a finger, I’m afraid my nerd skills have failed me and I will need you to help me out.

If you receive updates from this blog in a reader:

  1. Please update your subscription details for this blog with the new subscription address.
  2. If that sounds like Greek to you, please drop me a line in the comments with what reader you use and I’ll do my best to help.

If you receive updates from this blog via email:

  1. I will be entering your email addresses into my new email update system to save you the trouble of having to re-subscribe.
  2. However, you will still receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Please confirm it accordingly, or else you won’t be added to the new email update system.

I know this is a huge pain, but I either have to ask you to do this or risk that Google will shut down the service without warning (it already did that for the Japan-based version of the same service, leaving all the bloggers who used that service stranded with no way of contacting their previous subscribers to let them know what had happened). If that happens before I get your subscriptions transferred, we will NEVAH SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN, and that would make me sad.

Lastly, if this is all so five years ago to you, I also tweet each new post on Twitter and you can follow me (@syntaxfreeblog) there too.

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