Hong Kong Photoset: Street Shots

I’ve been interested in street photography for quite a while now, and especially influenced by the ideas discussed – often with brutal honesty – in image critique threads at the Hardcore Street Photography forum. Although my other posts about the Hong Kong trip have been intended more as useful guidance for other people planning their own trips than as “photography” posts per se, this one is just a collection of street shots I took on that trip. I’m happiest with the 3rd and the 9th shots because I think they best capture the kind of style I’m trying to develop in my photography (as opposed to more obvious shots like the 5th or 7th), but I would love to know your views on the photos, especially if your preferences are quite different from my own.

[slickr-flickr type=”gallery” size=”m640″ flickr_link=”on” align=”center” search=”sets” set=”72157632763211290″]

Night Tram

Man Pets Cat



Visual Eavesdropping


Quiet Showdown

Night Hawker


Only in Asia

Ships in the night


  1. The 3rd is ACE. Easily my favourite – from the composition, that slightly blue cast, and the way you caught that plastic bag/sheet kind of billowing out over the woman’s shoulder.

    I don’t know much about street photography, but aside from that, the 4th pic also spoke to me. It’s a scene I see pretty commonly in HK, but the moment you caught with the postman and the delivery guy both waiting to be buzzed in spoke to me.

    And, of course, I can’t let this comment end without giving an honorable mention to that adorrrrrbs kitty in the second shot :D

    1. Thanks for the kind words. :) Moments after I took the 4th pic, the shirtless dude carrying that stack of boxes dumped them all on the ground, forcefully. Guess he got tired of waiting to be buzzed in. I wonder what was in them.

      Yes, that was an adorrrrrbs kitty! There was another one I kept trying to photograph on the same road, but that one was SO sweet that every time I knelt down to photograph it, it would immediately come and nestle itself against me! So the only photos I have of that other cat are blurred ones of it rushing towards me for snuggles. *melt*

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