Cross-Cultural Potty-Mouthing 101

In conversation the other day, Alec described how one of his colleagues’ favourite jokes was to gradually wind him up by piling on more and more stressful tasks and demands until he’d finally lose it and let fly with a flurry of curses. For some strange visceral reason (given that his Irish accent is mostly so Anglicized that I can actually understand most of what he says these days), this swearing would occur in his broadest Irish brogue.

A phrase that featured often in these outbursts is one I wasn’t previously familiar with, but must now share with everyone. “I will a’me bollocks!” is apparently short for “I will, in my bollocks!” which is apparently short for “No, I won’t do this thing you are asking me to do!”

Such elegance and charm, these Irish colloquialisms. I think Alec will pick up Singlish/Hokkien more easily than I first expected.

(While searching the Talking Cock dictionary for the above definitions, I came across this glorious expression which I must confess to having never heard before. Am I just hanging out with the wrong people?)


  1. I must be hanging with the “wrong” crowd too because i have NEVER EVER heard of that term.

  2. Hello Michelle. Just want to confirm that you are the Michelle from Jitterbugs, yes? Anyway, I’ve left the URL of my blog so you can have a look at it if you want. Cheers!

  3. Slight correction

    “I will in me bollix” : No, I won’t!

    “Ya will in your bollix” : I doubt the sincerity of your stated intentions

    or, No, you won’t!

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