Baybeats 2005: Day Two

Given that we only had a wedding lunch to attend on Saturday, I’d originally thought we’d make it for the start of day 2 of Baybeats, but I’d forgotten this was Tamara and her family we were talking about, so great company and countless glasses of champagne got considerably in the way. It’s a special sort of joy leaving a wedding party knowing your dear friend is in wonderful hands. Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Pritchard!

* * *

My views of Surreal and Furniture haven’t changed since last year, so let’s leave it at that.

I Am David Sparkle was pleasant enough but didn’t post-rock my socks that much either. The problem well may be mine though, I think I’m the world’s most impatient quietLOUD type post-rock fan. I love walls of bonecrushing sound but get restless in the slow peaceful bits that build up to them. This is why my favourite local band is Astreal, they just skip the foreplay and go right to the orgasm, which then continues for at least five minutes.

Let it not be said that I’m biased against all emo, I actually liked Brandtson quite a lot. They had nice songs with strong melodic hooks, and enough variety of chords and song structures that it didn’t sound like the same nice song repeated 8 times. Also, they do a pretty mean Cry Me A River. Mad strobe lighting during the chorus was a fun dramatic flourish but I wish they’d put a bit more death metal in the guitars.

* * *

At this point I have to mention my main frustration of the night: the stitches in my right boob are freaking cramping my style.

In normal circumstances I’d have left at this point to see Ice T in Zouk, but I was worried about getting pushed around or elbowed in the crowds there. I’d also have liked to go to Subvert’s 2nd birthday, but having to restrain myself from my usual vigorous drum’n’bass dancing would have been too frustrating.

So I stayed at Baybeats for Poptart and Twilight Action Girl’s DJ sets instead, but even within indie pop lies hardship. Witness my measured jumping during the “In LOVE, in FEAR, in HATE, in TEARS” bit of Sit Down, my restrained air guitar during Bullet With Butterfly Wings, and my wimpy gesticulating to Sabotage. Okay, I cracked a little when they played Here Comes Your Man, scampered down to the front and broke into a weird sway-hop-kick dance, but in general it could truly be said that despite all my rage, I was still just a rat in a cage.

* * *

Don’t these tiiiiimes fill your eeeeeeyes?


  1. hmm… that would be me!

    Ta, Michelle. Must say, am enjoying the way I don’t seem to get as pissed over here [fear of father, perhaps?] – or as hung over. Party went onto the American Club and then recommenced at Equinox for the champagne brunch, which I wholly recommend. Better sushi range, for one! A day’s drinking later, my dad was giggling home in a acab with me expounding hi TT Durai conspiracy theory[ies].

    Annabel sends your ma her regards!

  2. Hey Mich, your numbers managed to be misplaced and I was wondering if you were u for a get together tomorrow [tuesday]

  3. did u by any chance see me? seeing how i have no idea how u look like…but it would be nice to meet u in person.

    did u stay long for poptart? it was really really hot.

  4. pumpkineyes: I was looking out for you but didn’t see you. Will you be at RNDM next week? I reckon it’ll be much easier to spot you there! As for spotting me, look for a short girl with short purple-streaked hair, accompanied by a dark-haired ang moh.

    I stayed till 3 at the waterfront, but couldn’t go for the afterparty – had church the next morning.

  5. yes i will be going for rndm, so will look out for u and see you there! im short with curly hair (as you know) and steve will be there too, so i think its easy to spot us as well.

    btw, i went to ring the national breast scan place to ask for a mammogram and they didnt want to do it for me cos im under 40. wtf?

  6. Hey Mich – it was good to see you yesterday. Thanks for the SMS too. It always makes my day to know that other people see the same thing I see. :)

    And yes, I ended up at Poptart’s after-party at 4.30 am after enjoying trance and Ice T at Zouk. But I was far too exhausted to enjoy it, having given my all at Zouk.

    All the best for this week!

  7. i would have bounced to Sit Down anytime =) thanks for updates – i get to live them vicariously thru you (well, in small measures…)

  8. pumpkineyes: It seems they only worry about young breast lumps if they are bigger than a certain size. Such lumps, being fairly large, are detectable by BSE. Mammograms, on the other hand, are for situations where they want to detect any and every lump, big or small eg. women over 40.

    So my understanding is that performing a careful and regular BSE is enough for us at this stage. (Besides living healthily etc.) I am damn impressed by your pro-activeness though!

  9. i’m a paranoid person by nature! anyway those lumps have been there since forever, so im just gonna check with my gp anyway. at some point. thanks for ur help!

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