And You Will Know Us By Our Nametags

Some of my favourite responses so far from the ILM thread Make A Band Name More Reasonable:

  • Slayer (But Only When Negotiation Has Ceased To Be A Tenable Option)
  • Aboveaveragedeth
  • !!
  • Death Cab For Anyone Who Needs A Ride
  • Strained Relationships Scene
  • A The
  • Carter The Hesitant Kissing Gadget
  • Jane’s Character Flaw
  • Optionalic
  • LCD Couple Of Guys With Some Music Equipment
  • …And You Will Know Us By Our Nametags
  • Warm Warm Warmth
  • The Current Sound Of Basingstoke
  • Groove Flotilla
  • Queensbundestag
  • The New Eroticists

My contributions to the thread:

  • Soundmanslaughterer
  • Meanwhile Back In A Russia That, In Marxist Political Theory, Would Be More Accurately Described As Socialist
  • DJ Penumbra


  1. What’s “!!” an aberration of?

    I can’t be bothered to go through the whole thread but I’ll just drop a couple of my own, off the top of my head, right here:




    The Tamagotchi Boys

    Joy Addition

    The White Strips

    Seeya Later, Black Emperor

    As I said I didn’t look through everything, but the funniest one I chanced upon, which made me laugh out loud, was:


  2. Mirage (it sure as hell ain’t an Oasis)

    The United Parcel Service

    They Might Be Just Really Tall Men

    Acquiesce Acquiesce Acquiesces

  3. I’m no music geek, but… funny. :) They Might Be Just Really Tall Men. …And You Will Know Us By Our Nametags. Funny. :)

  4. I liked the very reasonable and unassuming ‘Duran’.

    My paltry contributions:

    The Carrier Pigeon

    The Living Room Game Console Fire

    Poorly-Lit Eyes

    The Ready? Set. Team

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