Satisfying Saturation

Joy, I’m at that point where the amount of new music and new books I have to devour exceeds the amount of slack time I have in the day, such that every time I’m trying to choose what to listen to or read, there’s unexplored territory there for the taking. It’s a feeling of satisfying saturation.

After coffee on Sunday with Vikram, Walter, Ashraf and Gaurav, venturing into Borders started off as a diligent attempt to purchase Hart’s The Concept Of Law so that I could start (ha) on my jurisprudence summer assignment, but I came out instead with Painful (Yo La Tengo), Bossanova (Pixies), and No Other City, an anthology of Singaporean urban poems.

Today’s trip to the library yielded Life After God (Douglas Coupland), The Sportswriter (Richard Ford), Anil’s Ghost (Michael Ondaatje), Galapagos (Kurt Vonnegut), Underworld (Don DeLillo; I got through 80% of it before I had return it to the UCL library), and Regeneration (Pat Barker).