I am now the proud owner of a digital webcammy thingamebob.

I installed it last night. My sister (who is 32) and I were like children with a new toy.

We took pictures of Fwah!, my stuffed duck. We took pictures of the ziraffe (her strange bendy giraffe with zebra stripes capable of manifold contortions). We took pictures of Wellington, the wombat. We took pictures of Pooh. We took pictures of our parents asleep. We took pictures of my brother asleep. We did the whole holding the camera out pointing at ourselves at arm’s length and adopting expressions that will be hideously embarassing if anyone else ever sees those pictures.

Most of those pictures aren’t ever going to be made public, but here are two of Fwah!, the most photogenic member of the family.

The Unbearable Fwah!ness of Being
Reclining Nude