You’ll Laugh! You’ll Cry! You’ll Hurl!

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the Polo Club to watch the Hurling All Stars Challenge. As you of course know, hurling is…er…um…an Irish sport I have no hope in hell of explaining properly to you. See here for description.

Here are two hurling-related exchanges.

#1 (On the way to the match.)
Me: Traffic is bad, it looks like we might be late.
Alec: Oh, it’s all right. Each half will be 40 minutes long.
Me: But by the time we show up, it might be hurlf time!
Alec: ……

#2 (Shouted conversation in Zouk later that night.)
Me: Pity you couldn’t join us for the hurling.
Jacob: Yeah, pity. It’s got some nostalgic appeal for me.
Me: Oh, why?
Jacob: When I was at boarding school, at end of term there would be this traditional ________ [insert name of Scottish equivalent of hurling, I didn’t catch it] match, and it was between the normal pupils and the prefects.
Jacob: Well, my “favourite” prefect lost a tooth.


  1. This post would’ve been so much better if you didn’t provide the explanatory link on hurling, and left it completely to the imagination.

  2. Haha Don, upon rereading it I see what you mean. It could have been quite surreal, especially with the bit about someone losing a tooth.

    t: Beware, you may have offended Alec with that flippant statement. Next time he sees you, he might show you his displeasure by…TALKING AT YOU NON-STOP FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT! (The third Irish sport.)

  3. t: Hee hee hee hee hee! :D

    Mich: I’ve experienced that before. Not with Alec, of course, but with a whole plane full of Irish kids. For 7 hours. When I disembarked, I was talking with an Irish accent, so pervasive and insidious is it.

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