You Know I Got Soul

Mid-week clubbing bad for body. But good for soul.

DJ Krush exactly as expected. Successful evocation of nostalgia for first year uni bedroom. Unsuccessful motivation of ass. Spent most of time drinking alcohol I didn’t pay for. Felt like member of rap star’s entourage. Ghetto!

Original plan to leave at 2. But then Laces turns up. Transfer to Phuture. Phuture motivates ass. Take side trip to Zouk to get space and laugh at Mambo kids. Mambo kids disappointingly uncoordinated. Return to Phuture. End up leaving at 3 am.

At work now. Exhausted, but thank God not hungover. Still intent on lindy-hopping tonight.

And Alec arrives tomorrow! Rock!


  1. I was friggin’ asleep by 11pm…sigh…clubber by weekend, veryboringbanker by weekday.

    I wanted to show Patrick Mambo night though!!! He’d have been perfect for it with his new retro look… GAAAHHH…

    Welcome to the angmoh BOBS (Boyfriend of Bonded Scholar) club, Alec!

    Love, one of The SPG (*sigh* yeah…if only I had the tits of what the stereotypical SPG is supposed to possess…) Asian pussy! Asian pussy! *pumps fist in the air* (I love that chant)

  2. Mich: one day I swear I will go clubbing at Zouk for the first time in my life.

    Kelly: I don’t know you, but I’m rather amused by the BOBS acronym. Is it something you coined, or is it actually a well-established term in the circle?

  3. this comment isn’t exactly for your latest entry, but well, nowhere’s a better or worse place to leave it, so here it is.

    i came here intending to just bookmark the site (lest i put it off yet *again*) and i found myself reading and rediscovering Michelle. What is the feeling that you have when you smile at how someone’s still the same, but then also feel slightly sad that you might perhaps never be able to be a constant feature in her life’s journey?

    I don’t know, but I like that mixture of feelings. Somehow it doesn’t come to me as regret, knowing as I do how you’re in good hands (especially as of today?), even if your fellow countrymen will take some time to appreciate you.

    Notes on a Scandal, I will read. Before Sunset, I will watch (poignant memories of the first one – I watched it Joyce. Remember Joyce?). I loved your review on the movie, especially. And I never forgot Julie Delpy from the first one, though who could I have confessed to at that point in time when I thought most of my friends were pre-pubescent and uninterested? I should have known you better then.

    A note on being a good misfit: It affords you the greatest freedom in the world, not having to pander to the mores of the people around you; and knowing that those who stay close are only those who do truly appreciate you.

    But not everyone can stay close at hand, yeah? Some are close at heart, I hope that’s good enough.

    See you again soon.

    p.s. This is the first time in all my life I’ve ever posted a commet on a friend’s blog… or any blog for that matter. I guess that means I like it a lot. :)

  4. I coined it all by my li’ll self. *glows with pride*.


    Nah…it’s not an established term, but I’ve always wanted one. I’m open to better (read: witty/kinkier) acronyms…any ideas, GO BOBS (Girlfriends of Boyfriends of Bonded Scholars)???

    Funny, I had a vision of all 6 of us standing hand in hand dancing around in a “circle”…

    …actually, BOBS is growing on me…

    Don: when you go to Zouk, you’ll probably get to meet me. *shamefully admits Zoukette-ness*

  5. Teckwei: are you some long lost love of michelle or something? your post was quite confounding. elaborate! elaborate! *kaypoh*

  6. I WNAT ASIAN PUSSY TOO oh, wiat,a lreadey have one. sorry michele, am appanrely making habit out of drnken comments ere.

  7. Jol and Kelly eat yer hearts out I have TWO Asian pussies! Kelly only has an Asian one and an American one, which is obese.

    Kelly, I like BOBS but think it’s not sleazy enough yet. Will keep thinking about alternatives. Hopefully the same part of my brain that came up with TwAttica will deliver something equally satisfactory.

    Don, don’t go to Zouk with any expectations, don’t try to figure out why it’s apparently one of the best clubs in the world, and I guess you might have a decent-ish time. Maybe. Personally, I don’t think you’ve been missing much. In my clubbing experience anyway, Zouk is a walk-don’t-run place. Meeting Kelly, on the other hand, is generally a run-don’t-walk opportunity. :P

    Teck Wei, wow. I’m already a misfit, but while reading your comment I was very nearly a misfit bloody CRYING AT HER DESK while ostensibly doing research on oil sale contracts. It may be the first comment you’ve ever posted on a blog, but what a way to start. Of course I remember Joyce. I remember lots about your life, at least what I’ve known of it. I think I understand what you mean about the slight sadness, but just to make sure, we’ll chat about it some time. In Singapore, everyone is close at hand – it’s closeness of heart that’s the challenge, but you shouldn’t worry about that. :)

  8. I -was- thinking of Boyfriend of Overseas Bonded Scholar aka BOOBS but it’s STILL not kinky enough for my liking. GO BOOBS! What do you think?

    The obese American pussy is VERY hairy as well…wah lau, everyday shed fur all over!

    I like that…me! A run-don’t-walk opportunity!? *tosses hair and bats heavily lined eyes*

  9. mambo kids scare the hell outta me. maybe their mass dance skills were honed in JC. and for your previous post, I think everyone in Singapore really wants to keep their ‘face’ intact, thus the very shielded behaviour and polite conversation that goes no wrong.

  10. Michelle, a friend said this to me last night: “You have the kind of humour that people know is funny but people don’t find funny.” I laughed pretty damn loud at her astute comment, and I’ve been keeping it in my head to share it with you. At least they know that we’re supposed to be funny in a parallel dimension…….

    I also bravely watched The Aviator last night without knowing what it was about. Damn, that show is long, but it was good. (I’ll leave you to do the reviews if you like it.;) ) I could never have pictured myself being a Leonardo Decaprio fan some six years back. But a couple of gang fights and airplane crashes later… … …

    Have a good weekend!


    *prances about in ecstatic frenzy*


    oh. yes. this is marcia, btw. fellow curly-haired one :)


    *prances about too*

    i found you again! :P

    how have you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  13. Grace and Mars, you darlings. Glad my site’s helped to reunite you. :) Let’s find an appropriately pretentious artsy event to have a meta-uber-reunion at.


    Mars: I’ve been meaning to lunch with you and Ning as a way of welcoming both of you into the USP. Unfortunately I got into 2 modules with Ning and a ‘welcome’ seemed quite strange after that.

    How have you been?

  15. hahaha

    don: i’ve been alright, but withdrew from the usp already. heard your usp song though, that was a piece of work :D

    grace: what do you mean you just found me? i’ve always been there *pout*

    mich: oh my mich! *falls over in adoration* let me know when you’re in the west (if ever) – hopefully we can find a suitable shower cubicle to ahem, have a real reunion *naughty wink*

  16. i concur! an artsy event reunion please!!

    (notice luke’s meeting-thingy hasn’t materialised yet :P)

  17. waitaminute!! why is this artsy event occuring without ME!!!!! Hahahaha… :P oops, sorry Michelle this may possibly be like, only the second time you’re hearing from me (if you do still remember me…*ahem* the petite one…) but I do read your blog and its subsequent hilarious comments. :) cheerios everyone! (yes yes and back to the artsy event…)

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