Ya Think?

Me: I just don’t get how she keeps raving on and on about her boyfriend, but she never makes fun of him! What’s up with that?
Alec: I don’t know, maybe she loves and respects the guy?


  1. Depending on who she is,

    1) Alec is right.

    2) Alec is wrong…she doesn’t respect her boyfriend, she worships him. Ever since they got together, all traces of her individuality disappeared. And his hobbies became the noblest causes in the world. And his haunts, the coolest places. And his talents became the best of their kind, just that no-one else ever gets it. And his favourite bands were suddenly always her favourite bands. And his pain became the greatest suffering in the world: “you don’t know what he’s been through”.

    And that’s what ah think.

  2. i suppose Alec has been seperated from you for so long Michelle, that he’s forgotten what its like to have a significant other i.e. the obsessional quest to reshape them into a better and better person (anyway thats why my girlfriend puts up with me)

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