Most of this afternoon was spent at ACJC (Anglo-Chinese Junior College) watching JC1 debaters find their feet and catching up with other old hacks. Our 2001 team to the World Schools Debating Championships is getting a national excellence award for coming in 3rd, roundly beating everyone else in speaker points, and having the top, fourth and sixth best speakers in the world. The success of previous national teams was apparently taken into account as well in the award, which means, I suppose, that I can think of a tiny bit of that award as mine. Which is nice.

Other than that, things are very much the same – the cab to ACJC still costs $9.70 (give or take 20 cents), there are a couple of really likeable J1 kids who I can see going far in the debating circuit because they’re smart, well-adjusted and in it with the right attitude, and then there are a few disgusting little squirts who might as well tattoo I Want To Be On The National Team on their arrogant little foreheads. It’s the same every year.

Whatever it is, I’m glad the debating bug nibbled today. I was beginning to miss it.