Worst Chink Ever

Wow. Two days into the week, and I’ve managed to make it to all seven hours of lessons so far. Well done me. :) I do acknowledge, though, that this astounding accomplishment in my eyes is standard operating procedure for most of the other people in the law faculty, and I did spend the less thrilling parts of my property law seminar today (of which there were quite a number) surreptitiously reading the latest issue of Time Out. But hey, it’s a start. I just have to make it the rest of the week as well. And all the rest of the weeks. And actually be mentally engaged. Hmm. Perhaps I should rethink this university thing…

Last night the TV viewing preferences of the people in my hall and mine finally coincided, which was a welcome change given that they usually watch Father Ted while the X-Files is on, and wanted to watch Contact instead of Trainspotting last Sunday night. But last night, we united in support of Fargo, which I have to admit was my first ever Coen brothers movie, although it definitely won’t be my last. I loved its dark and often shocking course of events, its hilarious sendup of regional quirks, and generally, its sheer watchability right from the beginning. Great acting as well, especially from William H Macy and Frances McDonald.

Side note: it just occurred to me just how many excellent actors Con-Air managed to get. John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, John Cusack, Ving Rhames and Nicholas Cage. For Con-Air?

Okay. Movie interlude over. I’m glad I’ve managed to chip away a little of the tip of the iceberg of my movie ignorance, or rather movie knowledge-without-watching, which would be slightly more of an accurate description. Next stop: hopefully The Conversation, which the UCL Film Society will be screening some time soon.

I hope Matt managed to get tickets for us to watch Mansun and King Adora at the Astoria on Feb 1. Time Out indicated that they’re sold out.

Tonight is the Chinese New Year dinner for international Chinese students at UCL. It’s free, at an excellent restaurant and is something like 10 courses. For some reason, though, I’d been under the impression that the dinner was Feb 23, the same day as the Inner Temple intervarsity debating tournament. The dilemma then, or so I thought, was whether to go to the excellent free dinner, or go to what would be one of my last tournaments ever with Nick (debating partner, co-organizer, good friend).

Initial resolution of the dilemma (as I believed it to be):
Me: Well, you know, it’s really good, and it’s free…
Nick: (puppy dog expression)
Me: (hurriedly)…but of course I’d rather go to the tournament!!

But then I was talking to a couple of fellow Singaporeans yesterday, and the topic of Chinese New Year came up. I asked if anyone wanted an extra ticket, since I wouldn’t be using mine. My friend was keen on taking up the offer.
Victoria: So can you bring the ticket to the lecture tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, but if I don’t wake up in time I’ll just give it to you one of these days.
Victoria: But the dinner’s tomorrow.
Me: Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve??!! I thought it was on February 23!!
Everyone looks at me in stunned, Chinese, silence.


I suppose I could blame the influence of Western! Imperialist! Dogs! for this rather embarassing incident, but that would be so 1960’s. I assume modern day Chinese jingoism is slightly more subtle. Dang it.