Worst Asian Fetish Subject Ever

I didn’t actually mean to leave the house today, but there was this strange French guy staying in the next room (when Easter holidays begin, spare rooms in my hall get let to tourists) who paints Picasso pictures on neckties, and wanted to take me for a walk and talk to me about China and have me speak Mandarin to him. This continued even when I explained that I wasn’t from China and speak only very bad Mandarin.

“Oh, ze gai-rls from China, you arre so preeeetteee.”
“Actually, I find Chinese beauty too boring. They all have long hair and meaningless smiles.”
“Yessss, you have ze shorrt hairrr. Eet ees so charrrming and fool of life.”
“Um, thank you. I actually have a lot of work to do today.”

Exeunt hall, to computer room.