Wholly Unfair

Christmas decorations are up in the common areas of our condo. I feel a little degraded by them.


  1. I went to see Public Enemy again last year and they took the old school ethos to ridiculous levels. After I’d heard them stop for the 3rd time to get the crowd to say “Hoooo!” I started to get a bit pissed off. It was like, aren’t you here to rap for us, enough with the cheesy crowd interaction!

  2. *choking on his own giggles*

    “ALEC! What in the name of God are you and that gobshite Matt giggling about?”
    “Nothing sir. Sorry sir.”
    “Don’t nothing me young man. What’s that behind your back?”
    “It’s Liono sir. He’s the leader of the Thunder Cats. Matt thinks he’s cool but I prefer He Man”
    “Jesus Christ….Alec and Matt, you giggle like girls and you play with girl’s toys. What does that make ye?”
    “Girls sir”
    “That’s right, girls. Now get back to work. At least ye’re not a pair of boring, pretentious, musically illiterate, arseholes like that fellow Molloy over there.”

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