When Brain Dead, Seek Pretty Pretty Pictures

My friend Tony takes pictures I like.

  • I saw the Waterstone’s building on Gower Street every day for four years, and until the day I left I never stopped noticing new light conditions and angles from which its beauty could surprise me. Tony’s photograph captures another of these surprises.
  • I also really like this one of the detergent aisle in Safeway – talk about finding magic in the mundane.
  • Finally, this abandoned deckchair on an empty Rhodes beach is just utterly gorgeous.

Every day at wordphoto.org, a new word is picked and people submit photos which that word inspired them to take. Recent words I’ve rather enjoyed have been bend, invasive and point.

And finally, I just want to say that I can’t imagine what I’d do with a digital Rolleiflex, especially since its current technical specifications aren’t very high, but good God it’s beautiful.


  1. “Just like the original Rollei, the MiniDigi has a ‘film advance’ crank lever on its side. Although it uses no film, a turn of this crank readies the camera for the next shot. Another detail reminiscent of the famous original Rolleiflex.”

    If this is just for the sake of nostalgia, it seems a bit silly…. :S. I like the idea of shooting from the waist, though…

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