Weekend Snapshots 30-31 October

Due to my blog redesigning efforts I spent a couple weekends in a PHP/CSS fog, but I’m out now and trying to catch up. I am, however, still tinkering with various shiny new WordPress toys, like this way of displaying photos. What do you think? (If you prefer to page-down through bigger versions of the photos the usual way, just follow the “Continue reading” link under the gallery.)

[slickr-flickr type=”gallery” flickr_link=”on” size=”medium” tag=”weekend30oct10″ sort=”date” direction=”ascending” descriptions=”on”]

Saturday night joggers at East Coast Park:
Saturday night joggers at East Coast Park

Saturday night jogger at East Coast Park

Saturday night jogger at East Coast Park

Photographing sporty people was too exhausting, so we retired to One Twenty Six for refreshments:
Cocktail at One Twenty Six

Sunday lunch at Golden Mile Food Centre:

Sunday afternoon, Kampong Glam:

Orlando on the stairs:
Orlando on the stairs

Casey in sepia:
Casey in sepia


  1. Oooh, nice photos. You’ve got a different perspective on things which always turn out beautifully. I wish I had that!

  2. Thanks James and Dominique. :) I’ve been rather consumed with this for a while, so I’m glad the obsession is at least yielding results. (As opposed to my obsessions with reality TV personalities, which always result in NOTHING! *little tear*)

  3. Thanks Glenn – Casey is the prettiest, most pampered, and most psychotic of my family’s cats. Perhaps one day I’ll manage a portrait of her that captures all three things.

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