Weekend Snapshots 22-23 October: The Darkness

Last weekend was relatively quiet because I descended into a blog redesign pit on Saturday and didn’t really emerge till about 3 am on Sunday night. Apart from going to church on Sunday, I literally didn’t leave the house during daylight hours the entire weekend, which is why I’m rather grateful the Nex-3 takes excellent (handheld!) low light photos.

* * *

BBQ stingray at Boon Tat Street Seafood, Glutton Bay:

Boon Tat Street BBQ stingray, Glutton Bay

Installation art in the Esplanade foyer:

Installation art at the Esplanade

Giant squids attack Marina Bay! OK no, they’re part of i light marina bay, a sustainable light art festival, which is probably better to explore if (unlike us) you choose a night unblanketed by haze:

Giant squids attack Marina Bay Sands!

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright / In the (skyscraper) forests of the night:

Tyger Tyger

Couple on the Helix Bridge:

Helix Bridge, Singapore

Light installations on the casino side of Marina Bay:

Lighting installation, Marina Bay Light Festival

In the shopping area of Marina Bay Sands, where it appears I am unlikely to ever buy anything:

Snapshot, Marina Bay Sands

Disturbing signage, East Coast Road:

That's not exactly how I eat ramen...

Pre-supper snacking (Nam San Mackerel Otah), Joo Chiat Road:

Nam San Mackerel Otak, Joo Chiat Road

Actual supper (Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant), Joo Chiat Road:

Vietnamese Supper


  1. lilpunk, it’s on till 7 Nov – will you miss it?

    w, thanks! I’m very happy with it too, I just wish I’d taken it in RAW or at full resolution (I usually do just 7MP jpgs), and not on the haziest night of the year!

    James: It’s quite mind-boggling that none of that stuff around Marina Bay even existed the last time you were here! Time for another visit…

    Pei Ee: Haven’t tried it yet, just snappped it as we walked past. Am not really into ramen though, so it’s unlikely I will.

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