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Django’s is doing free overseas shipping for all new items from now till 16 June – a pretty damn good deal for anyone who, like me, is unwilling to pay 40 Singapore dollars (or over 15 pounds in England) for most of the albums I want.

If you do end up buying something from them (they also sell vinyls and DVDs), I’d really appreciate it if you could enter my email address – ineffableme(at)rockfan(dot)com – as your referrer when you sign up. I’ve had 36 largely problem-free transactions with them since 2000 (2 small mistakes were REALLY well dealt with) so I’m not pimping them just to get referral credits, I do actually think they’re a reliable affordable source of music for anyone who normally has to pay high import prices for the music/movies they like.


  1. Hey, thanks a lot for the Django’s heads up. I’d actually swung by there a couple days ago and noticed the free shipping offer but bluffed myself into believing that it was only for US orders as I’d already blown way too much on CDs this month. After I read your entry I figured I’d go check it out again…and so began my descent into hell. I was going to enter you as a referrer but realized that the referral only works for first-time buyers who sign up, whereas I’ve already got an account.

    Anyway before I rattle on further just a brief introduction: been lurking around your blog for the last few months or so. Music geeks are quite thin on the ground in Singapore and girl music geeks are an even rarer species, so was pleasantly surprised to find all the music stuff on your blog. Nice blog and thanks for all the music posts in particular: keep those purchase lists coming! Not sure if you know about it but Gramophone started having warehouse sales and there’s one going on right now. They’re occupying a space on the fourth floor of Adelphi (opposite Funan Centre) and there are quite a few gems there (single albums go for $9.90 each. And no, I don’t work for them!) It’s ending this Wednesday (15 June), but worth a look if you’ve the time.

  2. Kelly, I sent you a jubilant text message earlier this morning, while I sat in the bus smiling broadly. :D :D :D !!!

    Enid Coleslaw: Hey, thanks for mentioning the Gramophone sale. I’ve heard about it from various people but haven’t had the time to go check it out yet. Must must go soon.

    Glad you’ve been enjoying the music posts here, and do feel free to pop in with comments whenever the spirit so moves you. Girl music geeks of Singapore unite!

    Lastly, let me personally apologise to your bank account for whatever hell my Django’s heads-up has wrought upon it. As one of my email acquaintance’s tagline reads, “Lead me not into temptation, I can find the way there myself.” :P

  3. thanks for the heads up, luckily for my bank account they seem to be out of stock for most items. oh well…

  4. Out of stock??! What sort of stuff are you looking for, out of curiosity? There are a number of CDs I want that they don’t stock, but in general they do carry about 85% of what I’m looking for.

    Oh, there is also the fact that some albums get released much later in America, so Europe starts raving about them long before they get stocked in Django.

    I’m happy for your bank account, but sad at your lost opportunity! Pity. :(

  5. eh…. basically stuff from the austrian duo kruder and dorfmeister and their side projects… Tried to get Tosca’s new album J.A.C but it went out of stock FAST! HMV’s only bringing it in in another 2 weeks and i’ve got ripped off once already paying 50bucks for a cd released in 97!

    I’ve heard lots of stuff about tobin, but yet to hear him… hmmm.. p2p time ;)

    I think That CD Shop has some nice stuff and at cheaper prices than HMV, priced relatively close to prices in the UK, so you might want to check them out… only gripe for me is that the newer staff think they are teh coolest chop ard… BAH!

  6. Sorry to hear that. Yes, Django would have been a great deal for stuff like K&D which would typically cost a minimum of $30 in Singapore, I reckon. I remember buying The K&D Sessions from Djangos some time in 2001, so they were certainly quite easy to find there in the past. Has there been some big resurgence in the popularity of G-Stone stuff that I’m not aware of, or what?

    If you’re interested in hearing some Amon Tobin, I think you should read some album reviews before you download, because his stuff has evolved a bit over time and I think it’s possible you might like some albums very much more than others.

  7. Nah no resurgence, just that i’d prefer to own their albums plus i’m sick of hearing to mish mash rips of their songs. Then again, there might be one in Sg, last summer there wasn’t a single album from G-Stone but now they are starting to stock some.

    Hmmm… okie… thanks for the tip.

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