1. Nihilist bear, of all things. But apparently I’m the most intellectual of the Care Bears. Woohoo! I’m an intellectual among stuffed toys!!

  2. I chose Tupac as the music on my stereo (rather than ABBA, but apparently I’m still gay!

  3. ummm.. i’m TRAMP bear.


    “you like sex. with anyone. anywhere. anytime. Doesn’t matter who. You don’t really discriminate

    … that’s because you’re a slut…

    even though you have diseases you’re still charming”

  4. I was gay bear as well. Silly test, humph *crosses arms* Although grumpy bear was always my favourite carebear…

  5. maybe they don’t differentiate between male and female test-takers so it makes all the girls look gay

  6. “You are thug bear!!

    The orginal gangsta bear. You love your bitches and hos”

    Ohh yeahh, Alec still loves you baby. If you wana get it on with other women, I can dig. But the home boys out there better be watching their backs. Any one of you motherfuckers making moves on my bitch, gona wish they were sucking their meals through a straw in intensive care.

    Can you feel me?

  7. Matt, I’d be careful with sardonic quips like your last sentence, that might warrant the Care Bear STARE (or whatever it was called every time they got in a circle and radiated beams of love from their bellies) (*stifled laughter* “beams of love” *stifled laughter*)

    gracet, that does sound like a possible explanation, except of course that Shoop the Tramp bucks the trend!

    And suzy, I was always quite fond of Grumpy Bear too, which may actually explain a lot about my choice of boyfriend nearly 20 years later…

  8. Personally I liked Bedtime Bear, which explains very little about my choice of girlfriend.

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