Warning: Awwwwwful

On days when you’re royally pissed off at everything and everyone because the computer eats the notes you’ve just finished typing, and you’re tired of never having a warm flat, or a TV that can receive more than BBC1, and you’re sick of having to sacrifice your study time while you’re stuck in the flat with a bumbling plumber trying to fix your sink, and always seem to be washing pans in aforementioned sink which you didn’t leave there, on days when this multitude of little flea-like annoyances accumulate and nibble continuously at the edges of your composure, you really appreciate a boyfriend who cooks and serves you chicken rice by candlelight, especially when he’s never eaten it in his life, comes from a culinary tradition of cabbage, potatoes and offal, and is at his wit’s end with the chilli because every recipe he consults tells him different things.