Wakeboard The Blue Sky

Yes, Toto, we’re still in Singapore

Saturday morning was my third wakeboarding outing. I can now heel, toe, move outwards over the wake, and move back in over the wake.

Saturday morning was Russ’s first wakeboarding outing. He can do all of that too. Either I’m a slow learner, or he’s fucking annoying.

Also fucking annoying: his sixpack.


But be not deceived by the attitude I’m faking in order to conceal my innate sappiness. Truth be told, the feeling of wakeboarding past kelongs, seagulls in my peripheral vision and two people I love in my sights, was fucking wonderful.

Wakeboard and sky


  1. let’s see more of Russ! pimp out his pix!

    how come u don’t have pix of alec and *his* six-pack (or lack thereof, hur hur hur)?

  2. Benny: Remember that Massive Attack gig I had to pull out of, leaving you and Russ to go together? Yeah, me exploring Eastern Europe was just an excuse. It was all really a ploy to set you guys up with each other.

    Tessa: I don’t put up pictures of Alec or myself here because I find it a bit camwhoreish. Must preserve some smidgen of mystique lah. But of course Alec has a sixpack! In fact, in his life, Alec has had many many sixpacks…

    Which reminds me of yet another dreadfully tasteless joke:

    Q: Why does a woman have two holes rather than just one?

    A: So you can turn them upside down and carry them like a sixpack.

  3. You know, Tessa, I was just starting to like you. I’d been reading Wessatong and had even started to write a little comment to congradulate you on being offered a place at Columbia. But now you gone and hurt my feelings so I’m not going to talk to you anymore. (rasberry to you!)

    And yes, I do have a six pack. Its just I also have the bag to hold it in.

  4. michelle: aiee! what a terrible joke… but strangely attractive in its crudeness. btw me n ci’en are coming back mid-july. i look forward to meeting u n alec, and hopefully get v.drunk! maybe even go to mambo in alcohol-fuelled haze!

    oh cmon alec, lighten up. *proffers a pint of guinness, a leprechaun figurine, and other stereotypical icons of irish culture*

  5. Tessa: Wow, I wanna use “strangely attractive in its crudeness” as the tagline for my blog! As luck would have it, I’m actually planning to head to England right about mid-July so we’ll have to cross our fingers and hope a few days will overlap. If they do, I’m definitely oNz!!! for an alcohol-fuelled Mambo, or just alcohol in general. Oh, and I don’t think Alec will be appeased until you tell him what you’ve done with his lucky charrrrrms.

    Russ: You do mean 20 push-ups, right? Or do you mean 20 “push-ups”? (insert emoticon of waggly eyebrows here)

  6. Tessa, I’m probably going to leave ASAP after my friend’s wedding on 16 July so think it’s unlikely we’ll catch each other, unless you fancy a pint in Heathrow! Any idea how long you’ll spend in Singapore before going off again for the Masters?

  7. harro! well as my latest blog entry says, i might be in london for july and august! so we can meet up! :D but it’s all contingent on finding a part-time job and accommod…

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