Used To Be A Raver

At Jacob’s place on Saturday, we had to pick bits of paper out of a box, and then play a song which matched the theme written on the paper. Not having expected this little twist on his instructions to “bring obscure music”, I’d just brought a few CDs and some mp3s in a thumbdrive, but was happy enough with what I managed.

For the theme “Fat Bottomed Girls”, I played Vybz Kartel’s Picture You And Me (“in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G”), feeling that this contained similar key elements of juvenile misogyny.

Alec then drew “Start The Panic”, and astutely observed that such a theme could pretty much apply to anything in his musical collection. However, we decided to spare everyone else the undeniable fight-or-flight impulse that a choice selection from The Chieftains In China would have provoked, so I played Knifehandchop’s Used To Be A Raver instead.

Other than that we drank, and ate Twisties, and played mahjong on the floor, and Jacob ate his cat.

Man Bites Cat
Jacob gettin’ Ozzy wit’ it.
Mahjong Tiles and Alcohol
Mahjong tiles and alcohol.
Jacob and Schopie
I was joking about the cat. Witness intact Schopie with loving owner.


  1. I’d like to see Jakob (he of the trouser snake, who could forget) have a go at Fat Cat aka Graciela. For one thing, he’d have to lift fat cat off the ground first….

  2. that would be a treat…a sick one…if he’d fry it in its own fat first, it’d be more appetizing maybe.

    he’d better skin it first. else it’d be the first case of a human choking on a fur ball (of which fat cat sheds plenty).

  3. So I waited and waited for the appropriate moment to unleash the raw, trad-tastic, delights of “If I had Maggie in the Woods” on unsuspecting Singapore. Alot of the other guest fell asleep early, no doubt anticipating what was coming.

    I suspect that with future parties Jacob will be more specific e.g. ‘dance music but no jigs/reels or polkas’, ‘soul but no ballads or soft airs’, ‘anything just don’t bring Alec’.

  4. Don’t worry Alec, one day you can organize your own Irish trad music party and it’ll be a riot! There’ll be you, and my dad, and…um…yeah. You and my dad.

  5. Dude I can give you a run for your money any time with my scottish-jewish klezmer ceilidh music. Has to be heard to be believed. I also own a gabber version of “Flower of scotland”. The celtic cheese-off can happen when ever you ready. Bring it.

  6. And Karen, Jakob is either a twee jewish character in a euro art film or something to do with malaysian kids fiction. My name has a “c” in it. Just so we clear.

  7. I’ve been a bit distracted with exams and interviews but I’m not passing up this challenge. And you all out there better know, when I starting mixing it up, you’re all gonna

    be sitting around the dance floor tapping your feet and nodding your heads. Don’t waste your money on Michael Flatley, I’m the real Lord of the Dance.

    But machismo aside, I’d would like to hear that Jewish Ceilidh music. In Ireland, at least, big curely beards are de rigeur in the folk scene. I can see a Jewish group assimilatling seamlessly.

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