Up Where He Belongs

I didn’t vote for Will in Pop Idol 1 because I was running a debating tournament on the day of the finals. I couldn’t vote for Fantasia in American Idol 3 because duh, I wasn’t in America. I’ve never voted in an election in Singapore because until recently my MP was the Prime Minister and my constituency was walkoverland. So tonight I took all the votes I’d never cast in my life and threw them all at Taufik.

Taufik Batisah, for the amount of money I spent voting for you tonight I could have bought a brand new Devendra Banhart CD at HMV’s usual exorbitant import price BUT IT WAS ALL SO WORTH IT BECAUSE YOU WON, CONGRATULATIONS TAUFIK BATISAH!!!!!


[The final was actually rather bad. Both of them seemed worn out, and who could blame them. I would be worn out too if you expected me to sing The Reason and All For Love and look as if I was enjoying it. Sylvester was unmitigatedly terrible on It’s My Life, Taufik’s voice sounded strained for the first time ever on the new song, and oh yes, the new song is really lousy.]

But anyway. In every Idol competition I’ve watched, my favourite has won, which is nice. It must suck to lose. Then again, I’ve always thought it must also suck to appear on national television doing incredibly moronic smirks and juvenile rock posturing, but apparently that didn’t seem to bother Sylvester much. As much as I cuss and swear along the way about the superficiality of the Idol public, it does usually seem to get it right in the end. Yay for talent!


  1. Bah.. why vote multiple times? The amount of money the TV stations are making on lazy talent/reality shows is obscene.

    The person who loses usually gets a much better contract anyway. The winner get stuck doing an album of cover songs with the most appalingly bland production imaginable.

  2. I met the producers of Singapore Idol the other day and they were saying how surprised they were at what a hit it was. Are they kidding? Any country with a major 3-way racial and cultural split is bound to make for entertaining idol viewing…

    Which makes it all the weirder that Taufik won by 68% to 32%. Exactly how many times DID you vote, michelle?

  3. Laces, haven’t you ever bought an import price CD at HMV? Just do the math, I’m feeling retrospectively coy about revealing more.

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