Unlikely Budget Destination

Just bought my travel insurance. According to the brochure, I pay higher premiums for travelling to Europe than I would if I were going to Iraq.


  1. maybe the fine print for the iraq insurance says that you are not covered for rocket propelled grenade attacks and kidnappings.

  2. I expect the fine print for Europe says much the same. Michelle, recommend me an internet radio station. XFM is beginning to bore me after 6 years of generic guitar rock and the current faux-punk sensations. And I look forward to seeing you when you make it to London. I promise to leave the rocket-propelled grenade launcher at home.

  3. Putting up this post was a big mistake. I, for one, don’t think the breastfeeding discussion was completely finished. And we still had that homosexuality article to discuss. But no, as always this blog had to be all about me, me, Michelle.

    So the new subject for discussion is: mis pricing in the field of general insurance. Matt has cleverly noted that exclusion clauses must also be considered. If anyone wants I can submit a report noting the considerations of the company’s actuaries when arriving at the quoted premium rates. I can also give details of the rating factor that are relevant and the models used to calculate the rate.

    Muh ha ha. Hah ha ha!

  4. Pharaon: Amazingly, the policy does seem to cover hostage situations, hijackings and kidnappings, but then again my brochure’s from December 2003.

    Matt: I’ll make a separate post about Internet radio links, just for you. And I cannot believe you just used your comment name link to pimp your workplace. Consider yourself the first spammer I actually know.

    Alec: Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend. Sigh.

  5. Is that better? I only linked the work website because I do actually work on it, so in a way, it is my website. And we don’t deliver to Singapore yet. Yet.

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