Uncool Like Dat

Cool: After being horrified at the huge crowds outside Zouk on Wednesday night, fleeing to Cocco Latte to find DJ Koflow at the turntables with a damn good set, and a dancefloor with space to actually dance on. As Ida yelled “This is so good!” for the umpteenth time, and even Alec hippety-hopped away happily, I pitied the foo’s suffocating at Zouk.

Uncool: Me. Espying Taufik or someone who really looked like him, and trying to pluck up the courage to go talk to him the whole night just to say “hey, really glad you won, voted for you lots, will support you in your career, keep it real, booyakasha” etc. and other embarrassingly inane things. At the end of the night when the lights had come on and everyone was on the way out, I approached him as he was chatting to Koflow and asked “Um, are you Taufik?” “No.”


  1. Taufik Sightings! We have 2 pins on the map, one at Coco Latte, the other at Zouk, where on Friday night, Pat insisted that he saw Taufik. Was it him? Could it be him? …only Taufik, Taufik! himself would know…

  2. Erm. Didn’t we see Taufik’s brother there? That’s what I heard some people calling the guy wearing shades who I think you thought looked a lot like Taufik.

  3. Who’s Taufik?

    I’m sure I should know this. But I only just started reading your blog. Which is great, by the way – you’re a wonderful writer, and as a KCL student living in Bloomsbury it’s great fun to look through your London entries and smile in recognition a lot.

  4. Don’t worry, I just googled. Now I’m kicking myself for not having spent Valentine’s Day with Taufik and Sylvester. (Although I did just go see LCD Soundsystem at the Astoria so it wasn’t so bad.)

  5. Dom: I think they were wondering the same way we were, and were joking about it. I’m not sure they knew who he was either.

    rose: Glad you’re enjoying my blog, and thank you for your kind words about my writing. I only wish we could meet up for a pint in The Lamb (on Red Lion Street) some evening. I am, of course, insanely jealous that you just got to see LCD Soundsystem. Please go and see Roots Manuva and MIA in Brixton in March and tell me about it!

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