Ubin Witch

I took this picture in a Pulau Ubin quarry last Sunday, but only saw the witch’s face later when I viewed the photo on my computer screen. It’s not just me who sees her, right?

* * *

Later, we tried to take photos of ourselves in another quarry and were less than pleased with the results.

Russ, who had long abandoned his shirt: I look so gay!
Me: Well, I guess the nipple doesn’t help.
Russ, noticing his photographed nipple for the first time: Aaagh!

It echoed across the calm waters as the sunset bathed everything in gold.


  1. i see it – the reflection in the water..

    there’s this limestone mountain near up north of Ipoh (msia), and we were driving by it at night, and once the sun sets, something about the way the light falls on it – you see a face across the whole side of that mountain that looks like one of our indian goddesses. and the thing is, it’s really vivid. sent a chill up my spine.

  2. Michelle, is that place swimmable?

    I assume its freshwater or brackish?

    Will I be arrested if I jump off that cliff?

    pray tell


  3. haha, highly reminiscent of a certain Seinfeld ep. very cool pic, the quarry was a savior after not bathing for like 4 days in OBS.

  4. Nipples themselves do not look gay. But nipples visibly seen protruding through extremely tight tops worn by men, do look gay. So beware guys, try not to wear tops 2 sizes too small ok? No matter how muscular you think you may be!

  5. It’s more that nipples look gay when photographed on the muscular man-boob of a shirtless guy glistening with perspiration. To be exact.

    pmckcon: Not sure what sort of water it is. Unfortunately, swimming in that quarry is most definitely illegal, there are signs everywhere saying so. But, as is the case with lawyers, I’m just telling you the law. The rest is up to you. :)

    anantya: That sounds quite a sight, do you know the name of the mountain/mountain range? Any photos? (Though I guess a photo wouldn’t quite capture it.)

    People who can’t see the witch: Top right hand corner, the reflection of the rocks in the water is her face, and the rocks themselves are a sort of weird beaky forehead.

  6. i was thinking more along the lines of: regardless of legality, you might kill yourself jumping off that cliff… :P

  7. gracet

    seriously doubtit, jumped off higher and sketchier. damn stoopid rules, in US we just avoid the signs (if there r any posted), but not freekin here.

  8. oh okay i couldn’t really tell the height of cliff, depth of water, texture of lakebed etc frm the photo. and regardless of rules i think there were one or two such mishaps before, so it’s not entirely unfounded… up to individual assessment i guess :)

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