Two Years

When Alec was in South Africa recently, he sent me a postcard.

I quote:

“I’m afraid that, in characteristic fashion, I’ve managed to make an ass of things. When I first saw this stamp I thought it was a particularly ugly bird.”

The rare South African soreconihr bird

Today marks two years with Mr Ass. I still don’t understand how he continues to make me laugh, or endear me so much, or love me warts and all. I still don’t understand how I ever got so lucky.


  1. I always thought your anniversary was on the 8th, but, obviously, you know better.

    *amends notes*

  2. Russ, you goof. Check back to your records of 2001, and I think you’ll find that it couldn’t possibly be 8 November, because at that point I was in Amsterdam with you! :P

  3. Rats, I thought your scanner wouldn’t have a hope of transposing that postcard.

    And hey people, anniversaries involve two people.

  4. *examines 2001 records* Ah, yes. It all becomes clear now(!) All the best to you both. Two years, huh? I don’t know why, but it feels that it should be longer than that. Speaking of anniversaries, mine isn’t too hard to remember given that it’s on New Year’s Day. BTW, do you remember when we first met? I vaguely remember it being the Thursday following the Sunday that I moved into Ramsay…

    Speaking of Amsterdam: do you remember that one early morning when we planned to go to Brugge? We were standing in front of the sinks in the (awful) dorm room and were trying to decide whether or not to try and make the first train or to resign and catch the next one. Then we finally agreed to dash for it and legged it outside not realising it was pissing it down and fucking cold, clutching our bags and coats, not caring that we were splashing through huge muthafucka puddles along the way, reaching the train station and staring bleary eyed at the information board to find out the correct platform, then making another dash to that platform only to discover that it had already departed? What fun! :-D

  5. Nine ‘effing comments. Michelle, this shows you something about your readership. Day in day out, pouring out your heart or trying to share an experience and maybe two, three comments. But one dim witted misunderstanding by me and the comments come flooding in.

    Maybe I should have a web cam so people can follow my continuing struggles with ordinary, everyday tasks. Oh look Alec’s locked himself in the shower – again. (This has been happening to me lately). Then again, no one really wants web cam footage of me in a shower.

  6. Mark: Well, we have changed a bit with time. There’s probably been some weight gain given our shared love for various dairy products and their derivatives.

    Russ: The day we first met – I remember it being the Sunday you moved in, actually. There was some hall party that evening. Some time during the evening, Jinks introduced me (and Richard) to his roommate. And the rest, as they say…

    Memories of Amsterdam. Yeah, the weather royally sucked. But at least the trip to Bruges turned out lovely anyway! I took one of the best photographs I’ve ever taken, the place was incredibly beautiful, and we even ended up the day with a successful hour in H&M! (To those who think we’re Philistines: it had started raining again, and we needed shelter.)

    Alec: It’s just such a pity that the webcam wouldn’t be able to capture previous exploits such as “Alec goes to a modern art exhibition and washes his hands in an exhibit” or “Alec does a reading at mass and reads ‘throng’ as ‘thong’ ” or “Alec suggests to our priest, to his face, that the priest has a girlfriend who is actually a man.” Those are just all-time greats.

    And for what it’s worth, I’d want that showercam footage.

    Everyone else who sent good wishes: thanks, people. I was starting to think no one read this site any more. :)

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