Tokyo: Smoke Break

Back from Tokyo, and it was awesome! Unfortunately, immediately upon returning I have been catapulted into a work shitpit, so I can’t do much updating at the moment. In the meantime, maybe you might enjoy chilling with my Harajuku girl while waiting. I’m printing her out and sticking her to my wall at work this week to remind myself (a) that I was just on holiday, and (b) to breathe.

Harajuku Girl


  1. Hi Mich, I’m planning a short trip to Dubrovnik and am deciding whether to spend three or four days there. I think you may be only person I know who’s been there, so what would you recommend?

  2. It’s times likes this when I miss being able to pop round for a natter. I was slightly surprised, and am very intrigued… :P

  3. Russ: What’s surprising / intriguing? I haven’t started smoking, in case you were thinking that!

    Dominique: Oh dear, Dubrovnik was quite a while ago so my memory for precise details has faded. I think we spent 3 nights there, but couldn’t say for sure. The town itself doesn’t take long to see so I’d guess you can do that in a fairly leisurely (wonderful, beautiful) 2 days. If you stay longer, you’d want to see Split (we were a bit unimpressed but the guidebooks like it) or one of the nearby islands.

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