To Glitch Or Not To Glitch?

Wow. Kreidler tomorrow at the Esplanade Studios, Luomo and Farben next week at Zouk as part of an electronica festival. The last two in particular would be a coup to be trumpeted even for glitch-capital-of-London the ICA. Every time I start getting bored with Singapore it does tend to surprise me with things like this, bless it.

The next question is whether I really want to go. First, I don’t know anyone else here who’d be interested. And while I have a certain geeky interest in seeing high-cred music types live I’m not all that sure I’d enjoy it much if I was there alone. I don’t find house music absorbing enough to be listened to as foreground music, and microhouse is even worse. I can certainly tolerate it and sometimes even enjoy it (albeit on a somewhat clinically detached level), but not if the beat’s my only friend there.



  1. Ah … you know I would’ve gone to see them with you. I actually missed them in KL cos the day they performed was actually my first day at work, and I couldn’t be arsed to rush for an 8 pm gig after leaving work at 7. Bloody hell, even Farben’s in Singapore?

  2. Kell: Yeah, but are you going to magically appear in Singapore next Saturday night? Good to know though – will drag you along to these things when you’re stuck back here next year!

    Benny: It’s a pity you missed a good gig, but in the circumstances I’d probably have said ah, fuck it, too. But don’t let that continue – it would be a pity to abandon music geekhood for IT geekhood! :P

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