Titular Titterings

When I imported my Blogger content into Movable Type, titles were automatically generated for all my posts from the first five words of each post. I didn’t realize the comic potential of this immediately, but while trying out my new search function I typed in “Alec” and was presented with an array of posts, including those with the following (mostly rather misleading) “titles”:

I’d initially been really excited
I’m less than satisfied with
Alec takes issue with my
Alec does strange things with
I got called a cunt
I admit it, I’m stuck
So there I was, suffering
And today it all ended

Tee hee. It’s almost poetic! (Am I the only one this amuses?) (For the benefit for any friends I haven’t talked to in a while who may start getting worried, don’t worry, we’re still very happily together.)

While doing other administrative exploration, I found this other title I rather like:

Another very short update: am.


  1. And somehow we manage to salvage some romance from our relationship, though you’d neve think it.

    But this search facility is really ingenious. For example I tried typing in ‘work’. This is what it produced:

    Not since Erotica has an

    I held out as long

    I know I’ve not really

    I’d never heard of any

    This week will be different.

    A Bored Michelle Watches MTV

    I was lying in bed

    I will slowly conquer the

  2. I had a look through, and found that ‘No pages were found containing “gibberish”‘. Which, Michelle, you should take as a reassurance.

  3. Alec: Touche. Oooh you give it to me so good baby.

    I like a man who slaps me round a bit.

    Matt: That is indeed reassuring. Less reassuring is the fact that “No pages were found containing profundity” either.

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