Tiong Bahru Uncle-Chic

Tan Shzr Ee recently wrote a column for the Straits Times about Tiong Bahru being “uncle-chic”. The article itself is rather mediocre, but it gives me as good enough an excuse as any to share two Tiong Bahru uncles I photographed when we did an anniversary staycation at the Wangz Hotel last November.

Provision shop, Tiong Bahru

Egg Uncle, Tiong Bahru Market


  1. terence: Coming from you, that really means something to me. Thank you. :)

    I’m very fond of the first photo too. The second photo is more of a processing triumph than a photographic one though, because it was taken in terrible light with horrible red colour casts. He looked more like the Egg Uncle FROM HELL.

  2. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but the egg uncle’s skin tone and shirt almost perfectly matches his brown eggs! If you can do a series of tiong bahru uncles i could write a paper on it :)

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