1. i’ve not seen chek jawa as yet – heard it’s all guided tours now, so there’s no ability to ramble and roam at will, nor to pick up starfishes and sea cucumbers for dinner, which kind of spoils the charm for me.

    Kidding on the last. I swear.

    Anyhow, is it worth a visit despite being a guided tour?

  2. I don’t mind it being a guided tour at all, really. I like being able to ask about what I’m seeing, and the guides are so passionate about the place. But the problem is that it’s very tough to get onto a tour because the number of tours are limited by the number of suitable tide times (check NPB site, I think there are like only a handful of opportunities per quarter?) and demand is huge.

    Bear in mind that you can explore the boardwalk at any time though – you only need a guided tour if you want to walk on the sandbar. But of course, that’s the best bit. Worth a visit? Depends on your yardstick of “worth”, I guess. I generally like Ubin so I tend to find a visit “worthwhile” every few years anyway. Will post more pics once I’ve finished processing them, and hopefully that will give you a better idea. :)

  3. Ok, I didn’t know I could hop on the boardwalk without the tour, but yes, the sandbar sounds fascinating. I’ll check it out soon. Thanks.

    Worth = anything to do with nature but less people. =) I did the Southern Ridges walk, and the number of groups with kids all along the trail made it kind of terrible. The MacRitchie trail was better as people spread out along it, so at some points, you do get a bit of quiet.

    Completely off topic, but MJ has passed away. =(

  4. Saw your latest photo uploads to Flickr and had a feeling that you’d pick this one to blog about it. I like the perspective, though personally would’ve have tried (not sure how easy on a P&S) to focus on his feet rather than the boat :)

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