Time To Vote

Right, crunch time’s looming and it’s time to declare my candidate of choice:

Taufik for Singapore Idol! Great moves, pretty good voice, consistently entertaining to watch and, in my view, the best overall performer remaining in the competition. I think Olinda’s great too, and she might actually do better for us on a world stage because her voice is so unique, but Taufik’s the one I want to watch every week.

Also, if Ken Lim’s none-too-subtle comments about Taufik’s “niche appeal” to one particular race are actually true, then there probably aren’t enough Malays in Singapore to secure a victory for him, so he needs my vote more than the chinks in the competition do. Non-Malays For Taufik! Who’s with me?

[Yes, this post is deliberately parochial. Blogging my views on the US presidential elections would be pointless, since (a) I’m not American and (b) I suspect none of my readers support Bush either so I’d just be preaching to the converted anyway. Also (c) Ralph Nader is not going to win so to pursue the ultimate goal we are left only with Kerry who (d) does not fire me up but who at least does not fill me with alternate parts rage and pity. Not quite the stuff of illuminating blog entries, is it?]


  1. You always seem to vear towards the singer with least populist appeal. Singing Usher on a vaudeville karoke show – Taufik’s going down in the sixth.

    (I don’t actually know what round this is, but you get the idea).

  2. Alec, you get Singapore Idol in Ireland???

    What do you mean? Michelle (used to be) the biggest fan of Michael Jackson (maybe 2nd to me). We screamed and yelled in the front row with gazillions other people just as crazy for this ‘populist’ King of Pop. Heh.

  3. What need have we of Singapore Idol in Ireland? The country that ‘owned’ Eurovision has its own vast pool of mediocrity to dredge on “You’re a Star”. I guess they realised that “Irish Idol” would sound like a rural beauty pagent.

    No, my comment stems from some time spent watching and discussing Singapore Idol over the last three weeks. For the tourist seeking to immerse themselves in Singaporean culture its essential. Try having a conversation in a Food Court regarding the Asian Civilisations Meuseum and see how far you get.

    As for Michael Jackson, well Michelle, and yours own, continuing, qualified, support for the hapless star (fair play to yee) puts pay to my observation. i.e. Michelle is attracted to the least populist option. I like to think of myself as the ultimate beneficiary here.

    Thanks again for having us for your housewarming. I hope Patrick is fully recovered from that cold and that we can all meet up again when I’m back. You can let me know how Singapore Idol turns out. – though I’m definitive it’ll be Olinda.

  4. Chris went down in the sixth. you’re right, Olinda seems the most straightforward choice but people’s votes have never been very straightforward. Taufik’s good and he gets a vote from me each week but i’m still gunning for Sylvester because… well, just because. :P

  5. Kelly: You are so not relegating me to 2nd biggest MJ fan without a FIGHT, girl! (Anyway, ultimately I think we’d both lose to Lyn.)

    Alec: Rest assured that if you had been butt ugly, I wouldn’t have been quite so nobly attracted to “least populist options”. I’m shallow that way.

    Grace: I like Sylvester’s voice a lot, and he is a welcome antidote to Daphne the Mouseketeer, but his “bad-boy” smirk does rather make me laugh. Also, his hair was way better before he listened to the stuffy judges and toned it down.

  6. A totally unrelated topic — HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    I never get the date right, but I thought it’s better to be slightly early than slightly late.

    What is the date again?

  7. Fuck Russ! You almost gave me a coranry.

    Never, never say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY days before the event.

    I’m going for some lunch to calm my nerves.

  8. ah yes, the hair. i think he was probably at his best during the wild card show. from then on it’s been a bit off-form here and there. i dislike the increasing jay-chou-iness of him, but he’s still shy-boy cute. ah well.

    so far my motto has been “anybody but Chris”. so now he’s off i feel a little adrift…

  9. To be fair, Alec, it’s been more than two years since the last time Russ had a massive laugh at your expense. He does space them out at least.

    [The last time, for the benefit of anyone who would find this amusing, went as follows:

    Scene: The night of my graduation. Dinner with my parents, Alec and Russ.

    My mum: Russ, I really must thank you for all the things you have done for Michelle all these years.

    Russ: It was my pleasure. (or something to that effect)

    Alec, trying to be facetious: Now come on Russ, this is out of order. Do you realize how bad you make me look as a boyfriend every time you go to the airport at 8 in the morning to pick Michelle up?

    Russ: Actually, it’s usually 6 in the morning…

    Hilarity all round. Alec grits his teeth.]

  10. my bro and i were discussing how if we could combine Olinda’s voice, Taufik’s performance ability and Sylvester’s X-factor, we could probably blow the others off the World Idol stage. ah well.

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